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Reference Docker / Makefile commands#

See also Docker best practice at Open Food Facts

The docker/ directory contains docker compose overrides for running Product Opener on Docker. The main docker compose file docker-compose.yml is located in the root of the repository.

The step-by-step guide to setup the Product Opener using Docker is available on dev environment quick start guide.

Makefile targets#

Makefile targets are handy for beginners to start the project and for some usual tasks.

It's better though, as you progress, if you understand how things work and be able to use targeted docker compose commands.

See also targets to run tests

Command Description Notes
make dev Setup a fresh dev environment. Run only once, then use the up, down, restart commands.
make build build containers. Add container=name to build a specific container args="--progress log" keeps all log in console (to debug failing build)
make up Start containers.
make down Stop containers and keep the volumes. Products and users data will be kept.
make hdown Stop containers and delete the volumes (hard down). Products and users data will be lost !
make restart Restart frontend and backend containers.
make reset Run hdown and up.
make status Get containers status (up, down, fail).
make log Get logs. Include only logs written to container's stdout.
make tail Get other logs (Apache, mod_perl, ...) bound to the local logs/ directory.
make prune Save space by removing unused Docker artifacts. Next build will take time (no cache) !
make prune_cache Remove Docker build cache. Next build will take time (no build cache) !
make clean Clean up your dev environment: removes locally bound folders, run hdown and prune. Run make dev to recreate a fresh dev env afterwards.
make import_sample_data Load sample data (~100 products) into the MongoDB database.
make import_prod_data Load latest prod data (~2M products, 1.7GB) into the MongoDB database. Takes up to 10m. Not recommended for dev setups !
make lint Indent and reformat your code1

  1. If you are having permission issues with make lint try writing the following commands : export MSYS_NO_PATHCONV=1 docker compose run --rm --no-deps -u root backend chown www-data:www-data -R /opt/product-opener/ then run again make lint and you should be good to go