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Explanation on Docker Setup of pro platform for development#

This explains how we setup docker file for pro platform development. For explanations on how to use it, see: how-to-guides/pro-development

off is the public facing application ( off-pro is the producers platform (

When we work on the pro platform for development we want:

  • off containers to talk to each other, and have their own volumes
  • off-pro containers to talk to each other, and, generally, have their own volumes
  • minion and backend from both apps to access the same postgres database (which stores tasks queues)
  • off and off-pro backends / minion needs to share some volumes: orgs, users ands some files living in podata

Still we would like to avoid having different clones of the repository, but we can isolate projects thanks to COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME, which will prefix containers names, volumes and default network, thus isolate each projects.

This is achieved by sourcing .env-pro which sets up some environment variables that will supersede the .env variables. The main one being setting COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME and PRODUCERS_PLATFORM, but also others like MINION_QUEUE.

On the volume side, we will simply give hard-coded names to volumes that should be shared between off and pro platform, thus they will be shared. Ideally we should not have to share single files but this is a work in progress, we will live without it as a first approx.

To satisfy the access to the same database, we will use postgres database from off as the common database.

In order to achieve that:

  • we use profiles, so we won't start postgres in pro docker compose
  • we connect postgres, backend and minion services to a shared network, called minion_db Fortunately this works, but note that there is a pitfall: on the minion_db network both backend services (off and off-pro) will respond to the same name. For the moment it is not a problem for we don't need to communicate directly between instances. If it were, we would have to define custom aliases for those services on the minion_db network.
network    OFF              network       PRO              network
po_default containers       minion_db     containers       po_pro_default
    |                          |                              |
    +------postgres------------+                              |
    |                          |                              |
    |                          |                              |
    +-----backend--------------+                              |
    |                          +----------backend-------------+
    |                          |                              |
    +------minion--------------+                              |
    |                          +----------minion--------------+
    |                          |                              |
    |                          |                              |
    +------frontend            |          frontend------------+
    +------mongodb             |          mongodb-------------+
    |                          |                              |