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How to deploy to Prod environment#

Note: prod deployment is very manual and not automated yet.

  • Login to the off1 server, as the "off" user
  • cd /home/off/openfoodfacts-server
  • Check that you are on the main branch
  • git pull
  • Copy changed files (don't copy everything, in particular not the lang directory that is being moved to the openfoodfacts-web repository)
  • e.g. cp cgi scripts lib po taxonomies templates /srv/off/
  • cd /srv/off
  • export NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.npm-global
  • npm install
  • npm run build
  • cd /srv/off/cgi
  • export PERL5LIB=.
  • ./
  • as the root user:
  • systemctl stop apache2@off
  • systemctl start apache2@off
  • systemctl stop minion-off
  • systemctl start minion-off