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Reference: API CheatSheet#

This reference cheatsheet gives you a quick reminder to send requests to the OFF API.

If you are new to API usage you might look at the tutorial. Also, refer to the API reference documentation for complete information.

Add/Edit an Existing Product#

Indicate the absence of nutrition facts#

no_nutrition_data=on (indicates if the nutrition facts are not indicated on the food label)

Add nutrition facts values, units and base#




Adding values to a field that is already filled#

You just have to prefix add_ before the name of the field


Search for Products#

Important: full text search currently works only for v1 API (or search-a-licious, which is in beta)

documentation for v1 Search API

Reference documentation for v2 search API

The future of search is the search-a-licious project, deployed, in beta, at

Get data for a list of products#

You can use comma to separate multiple values of a query parameter. This allows you to make bulk requests. The product result can also be limited to specified data using fields.,8437011606013,6111069000451&fields=code,product_name