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Leveraging links to wikidata

  • You may have spotted things like in API outputs, especially those related to Taxonomies
  • Whenever possible, Open Food Facts entities are linked to Wikidata,and in turn to Wikipedia. What this means is that you get access to a trove of additional encyclopedic knowledge about food. You can for instance get: Wikipedia articles about Camembert, the translation of salt in many languages, the molecular structure of a cosmetic ingredient...\
  • We provide the Wikidata QID, which is an unambiguous, stable and reliable identifier for a concept that will be useful to actually retrieve info from Wikipedia and Wikidata.
Example# {"linkeddata":{"wikidata:en":"Q40050"},"url":"","name":"Beverages","id":"en:beverages","products":14196} Beverages >> >> Q40050 >>\ As you see, you\'ll get a beautiful image, information about the Quality label... As Wikidata is a Wiki, the knowledge you\'ll be able to retrieve will increase over time.

Retrieving info from Wikipedia and Wikidata {#retrieving_info_from_wikipedia_and_wikidata}#

You can use the Wikipedia and Wikidata APIs to get the information you want\ *

Examples of things you can do {#examples_of_things_you_can_do}#

  • Provide more context and more information about a specific Product, a Category of products, a Quality label, a Geography, a Brand, a Packaging material, an ingredient...

* Perform checks or computations by mixing Wikidata information and Open Food Facts information (and possibly other APIs)