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How to use direnv#

As a developer, it can be better not to think too much about setting the right env variables as you enter a project. direnv aims at providing a solution.

As a quick guide as an openfoodfacts developer:

  • install direnv on your system using the usual package manager
  • in your .bashrc add:
    # direnv
    eval "$(direnv hook bash)"
    You have to adapt the direnv line according to what you use; see direnv doc.
  • in your project directory add a file, where you override variables from .env that you want to:
echo "setting up docker compose env"
# The next two lines do the same thing in different ways; choose one.
export USER_UID=${UID}
export USER_UID=$(id -g)
  • in your project directory, run direnv allow .
  • in a new shell:
    • go to the project directory
    • direnv should trigger and load your variables