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Tutorial - developer journey#

Meet Dave.

Dave is an active Open Food Facts contributor and a developer who wants to build HealthyFoodChoices, an Android app aimed at conscious consumers that buy healthy products.

HealthyFoodChoices will query Open Food Facts API and provide information on healthy foods available in the place users are living in. Users can narrow down the results by applying different filters and save their search criteria so that the app shows them the products that match their preferences next time they use it.

To identify the potential users' needs, Dave has met with some conscious consumers.

  • Anna is a 25-year old New Yorker who doesn't drink soda, but her nephew does. She wants to compare the nutrition facts of two cola brands, and its variants (diet, zero, and so on) to decide which one to buy.
  • Stefano is a 36-year old Italian who follows a plant-based diet and wants to avoid the intake of palm oil. He's looking for a breakfast cereal brand that does not use palm oil nor additives and has a great nutriscore (A).

Dev Journey 1: Comparing sodas for Anna Dev Journey 2: Finding healthy breakfast cereals for Stefano Dev Journey 3: Adding missing products Dev Journey 4: Get the Nutri-Score Dev Journey 5: Get the Eco-Score Dev Journey 6: Get ingredient related analysis on new or existing products (Nova, allergens, additives…)